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Binge Watch and Visit These Georgia Filming Locations

Binge-watching, or the act of lying in bed with a copious amount of snacks, is becoming more and more popular with Netflix and Hulu-based shows. With an entire season (or an entire series!) in some cases, why just stop at one episode?

Georgia is the filming home to many of these streaming television shows that everyone seems to gluttonously watch in one or two sittings. When you're done, peel yourself off of the couch for a few hours and go see these Georgia locations!

The easiest "filmed in Georgia" show to binge watch is the wildly popular Stranger Things. Jackson, Georgia, is home to many of the filming locations for the show. The town is catching up with the popularity of the show, but there are several locations you can visit. Jackson's town square alone contains the show's vandalized theater, Joyce's store and back-ally showdown location. The upside down is NOT included.

With season three premiering July 4, 2019, it will only take 13 hours and 50 minutes to binge watch the first and second seasons.

"The Walking Dead," Georgia's home-grown zombie phenomena, is primarily filmed around Senoia and surrounding areas. The first season illustrates Atlanta during the post-apocalyptic crisis, but the survivors venture out of the city for the following seasons.

Senoia is your hub for everything Walking Dead. Senoia has its own Walking Dead Tour and a Waking Dead Café for those early-morning, pre-coffee zombies. You can even grab a bite to eat at Greg Nicotero (the heartbeat, or, erm, non-heartbeat, of Walking Dead zombies SFX) & Norman Reedus' (Daryl Dixon) restaurant, Nic & Norman's.

To watch through season 8 of "The Walking Dead" will take three days, 11 hours and 25 minutes. Remember to shower so you don't smell like a walker.

The longest on the list to binge-watch is the hit-series "The Vampire Diaries." The Vampire Diaries filmed in Covington (or Mystic Falls, Virginia, for dedicated fans). Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley star as brothers who return to their hometown 145 years after they are turned into vampires.

Covington has tons of activities for loyal followers of the show, including two distinct tours from Mystic Falls Tours: one following seasons 1-4, and one tour dedicated to the entire show. The infamous Lockwood Mansion is a tour exclusive. The Mystic Grill Restaurant serves locally grown food for those not interested in blood. And nearby Conyers is home to The Celtic Tavern, which serves as the home of Gillespie's Pub featured on The Vampire Diaries spin-off, "The Originals." To watch through season 8, set aside 4 days, 22 hours and 25 minutes.

When you're finished with this binge, why not check out some movies filmed in Georgia? Happy watching!


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